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Sad Town is your first video. How did you conceive it, which are the driving lines that you followed to adapt the images on the text and the music?
The idea was to use one of our more known and well done song on our first record to present us on the video. We decided combine images connected to the text with others with the whole band. We put all the possible places and situations where we could record on a paper, trying not to go too out of the lines of the contents of the song itself.

Let's go "backstage". How was the production the video? How did you realized it? Well, What's the job behind those 4 minutes and a half that we can see and listen to?
Actually we shot quite a lot of images. We've been in Melegnano and its outskirts to shoot the city and the factories, we have also been on a train shooting from the windows on the leg Arona-Milan and images "stolen" also at the Stazione Centrale. We shot the images of the band inside in the room where we used to play and outside under the viaducts of the highway above the hills on the lake Maggiore, but also "inside!!" the highway, because at that time it wasn't still completely open. I think in total we have more than two hours of recordings
Usually, in occasions like these, something amusing happens, something that you'll remember forever. Did it happen something like to you too? If yes, tell us some anecdote…
We complicated our life reaching a viaduct through of the meadows when Paul ran off in the water of a stream. The funny is that it was November. Alright. We lightened a fire to dry him, but before we've been laughing for twenty minutes without reserve. Another situation was when a technician of the production video absently canceled the first seconds of the song from the video, including the code that determinate the entry of the audio. After few minutes of panic (the study was at its beginning) fortunately in a manual way with the CD (!!) we have been able to record the song to the correct point.
I have seen the video and personally, during the first vision and beyond of the text, I made a personal idea of the thematic contained in it. I thought the city was "sad" because incapable to offer stimuli, emotions, colors (the black and white is not casual). However, above all, even in a similar place the music has been able to create bonds that go beyond the daily grayness, beyond the approval of the big public, beyond of everything and everyone, creating shadow lines. Do you think that this first impression reading contains any assonance with the message that you wanted to communicate?
The music is a bond that allows you to overcome many moments of your own life. A bond, for me, inseparable with my way of being. In each "sad" place there is the possibility to build something. It depends on us, on what we want to do. Settling us down or lifting us up. In the video I wanted a piece of the everyday life. To use the camera as an eye that scrutinizes the places where every day you spend your life.
Listening to the song it can be interpreted, make it yours, "wear it" on your own experiences. A video, instead, somehow eliminates the component of the personal imagination furnishing the public a key of reading close to the one which the song was born for, leaving however open the interpretative keys. What do you think? And in which way you have tried to find a "boundary line" between these two theorems?
I am of the idea that a song can be "lived" in different ways, according to who listen to it. Personally I prefer to listen to a song than the vision of a video-clip. I like the video which transmit a strong, authentic feeling, which arouse an emotion during the vision. An exception is the live where what counts it's the performance. In Sad Town we wanted that the function of the images was to support the text and not necessarily an interpretation. In the video the shots are always in movement in a way that they leave space to the imagination and the sensibility of who looks at.
Why do you want to go away from the city and not "fight" against her and its misery, its grayness, the dreams you don't believe in? And then, the "sad" town is a real place, material, or a state of the heart, an illness of the soul with its disarranged roads on which it is difficult to walk?
On the same record there is a song entitled No Place Like Home. In the city there is who leaves and who arrives. According to the humors and to the stories to tell. Each with his own motivations. Sad Town is one of the oldest songs that I have ever written and to each epoch corresponds a different state of the mind. The characters of my songs have however a coherence, maybe they are full of contradictions but with the emotions that every time carry me to speak about different situations. I think I have a good dose of sensibility and I transfer what I feel into the texts. A Sad state of the mind… I have developed it better in one of the songs of the last disk entitled Not Sad. I always try not to write texts in which the element Sadness isn't too important. I write about hopes, dreams, rock'n'roll, struggles, incomprehension. I write because when a song is complete, I have built something in which I transmit my world and the way I look at the things.

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