Anelli Michele
( vocals, electric and acustic guitars, harp, bass and percussion)
Montanari Paolo
(accordion, keyboards and percussion)

The Groovers stay in the category of those who not only believe in what they do, they also want to get somewhere. It would not make sense of the big job otherwise done for "That's all folks!!", fourth record of the group driven by Michele Anelli. It's a mature, brave and for some verses innovative record. I don't believe I'm too exaggerated saying that there isn't a record of the kind in the past of any Italian band close to roots-rock. This because Anelli have taken risks on a solitary road, painting brief episodes (3'37'' the longest) and assembling to the maximum text and music. He realized a record "alone", but that alone is not, (as usual Paolo Montanari is at his side), with the spirit extremely thin, but that develops electroacoustic solutions in which the job of the keyboards of Paul is fundamental, as well as the job of the leader on the interpretative part (listen to the two covers of Springsteen, for instance). The new songs wear special clothes, but hide ancient feelings in the depth, and their particularity lays in the being small sketches in which the pop part stays in prominence, stressed if you want and then combined with the sounds and the style of the classical roots-rock.

Recorded at Rockhattle Studio - Cavallirio (No). Engeneering Albino Barbero.

Search for luck
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( Anelli, Montanari/Anelli )
We still keep doing what we belive
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How's, gonna be the night
Workin' man revisited
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New version
Cover Bruce Springsteen
I'm so sound  
I wrote a song  
Not sad
I'm waitin' for you
Like us
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Stolen car   . Cover Bruce Springsteen (ghost track)






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